Our Story

Kismet is a word meaning fate or destiny, a predetermined course of events. Of Arabic origin, the word spread to Persian and Turkish where, as kismet, it commonly means "luck."

Kismet Farm was founded in 2004 by Mari Terczak, a 1st generation farmer and a 3rd generation cook. Mari’s path has taken many turns. After many years of restaurant work, Mari’s love of food brought her to study holistic health, and that compelled her to begin a 3-year stretch of farm internships. Eventually she fell in love with the potential of this diverse 23-acre property near Glenn and Lake Michigan.

In the beginning, Kismet Farm was home to 70-year old pear and apple orchards, woods, nut trees, a pond, a creek, as well as wild abundance. Now Kismet also grows organic peaches, raspberries, heirloom veggies and tomatoes.

Kismet Bakery opened in 2012 and is home to a massive French Gueulard-style wood-fired oven, designed by Mari and built by local and Vermont-based masons. This oven is the heart of Kismet Farm Bakery. Heated with wood and worked by passionate bakers, it brings crust and crumb to the tables of many appreciative eaters.

The ethics of organic farming carry over to the craft of baking at Kismet Farm Bakery. The flours and grains used are GMO-free and organic when possible. Kismet Farm Bakery uses all natural and organic dairy and fruit - sourcing them locally whenever possible. At Kismet Farm Bakery, ecovore and locavore customers can rest assured that we have made the best choices for each ingredient, in each amazing product.

Kismet - magic in every bite!